4000hp Corvette Takes Full FLIGHT At Tulsa Raceway Park!

Monster 4000hp Corvette Takes Full FLIGHT at Tulsa Raceway Park!

We do our best to bring you all the action from all sorts of racing, but many times the real fun is at the drag strip, and over time we have seen many different close calls, but this one is really big.

Daniel Pharris goes down the track with his insane 4,000 horsepower Vette, and mid track the thing just takes off, it goes from a tiny little wheelie to a full-on launch in the air at very high speeds, and it appears that the front part splitting off was a good thing.

After flying thru the air like a kite, the car slams down hard on the pavement but luckily all the safety equipment did its job and Daniel is able to walk away from this one with no serious injury.

Check out one of the craziest flights we have seen at the drag strip in the video bellow and tell us if you have seen something like this before?

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